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Thank you for your interest in ready+willing!

We are currently accepting nonprofit applications for our spring 2018 projects session. Teams will start work in March 2018 and complete work in June 2018. Nonprofit applicants will be notified in late October 2017 whether or not they are chosen for our spring 2018 project session and announced to the public at Flaunt on November 15, 2017. If chosen, a participation fee of $100 is required.

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How to apply

In order to be considered for the projects program, simply fill out the nonprofit application below.

Please remember that we are currently accepting nonprofit applications for our spring 2018 projects session.

r+w Nonprofit Application


Our Guidelines Relating to ready+willing Projects

  1. Your organization must have a marketing budget under $15,000 to be considered. Please do not apply if you do not meet this requirement.
  2. To be considered, your organization must NOT be a United Way charity. Please do not apply if you do not meet this requirement.
  3. You will be asked to supply the job title of your highest paid employee and their salary. This is to help us establish your need for our services.
  4. Please complete our ready+willing Client Application as a first step. Upon acceptance for ready+willing project support we will set up an orientation meeting to discuss expectations. You will be expected to participate in the Mentor Match event where you will introduce potential Mentors (team leaders) to your organization.
  5. After your organization has been matched with a Mentor, a meeting will be set to meet your team leaders and discuss wants and needs for all parties involved. This will speed along the process by providing answers to preliminary questions before we begin assembling your team. No work will begin prior to the Team Match event where your team will be chosen by your Mentors.
  6. As advertising professionals, our skills lie in developing and crafting creative ideas. If you already have ideas you want to execute, that’s not really what ready+willing is about. You can execute your own ideas yourself far more effectively. Because of our limited time allotment, our impact is much greater when focused on new, original creative ideas. We want to “wow” you, so please provide the latitude we need to do just that.
  7. Though we want you to be thrilled with the work we present, we simply do not have the time or resources to provide an endless supply of creative ideas. Therefore, please anticipate no more than three (3) initial concepts - expectations will be discussed with your team prior to work starting. The final concept will be subject to any necessary, mutually agreeable revisions.
  8. Because your ready+willing team is volunteering for you outside of regular full-time jobs, a set production schedule and communication parameters will be set. This ensures that we are spending our time where we can have the most impact for you.
  9. In the same vein, ready+willing asks that you choose one (1) individual (with an alternate to act in their absence) to make the daily decisions necessary to keep work moving forward in a timely manner. It is our experience that working with committees on day-to-day decisions eats up our pro bono hours quickly, detracting from the precious time we need for creative concepting and execution. Of course, we do acknowledge that the overall creative concept may be subject to board or committee approval.
  10. Your flexibility is critical to our ready+willing volunteer teams. This means that meetings will take place outside normal working hours (before 8:00 am and after 5:30 pm).
  11. Our time and talents are free. However, any out-of-pocket costs must be contracted directly with the vendor of choice. This means printing, broadcast, interactive, media, etc…
  12. If asked to recommend printing/broadcast/interactive vendors a list will be supplied.
    • If asked to provide coordination and trafficking to such vendors, we will do so with all due diligence to the same degree we would for paying clients. We know you’ll understand that since we work with these same vendors for paying clients, we can’t ask them to donate their time.
    • If no coordination and trafficking to such vendors is required, ready+willing will turn over a production ready CD/DVD (or applicable file type) to your organization’s delegated point person.
  13. Upon completion of your project ready+willing asks that your organization complete a survey of services rendered.
  14. At the time of publication/airing ready+willing requests full rights to utilize completed materials/campaign on the ready+willing website, promotional/marketing materials/events as well as samples within ready+willing team portfolios.