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If you are an individual with a background in marketing and advertising, who is passionate about lending your time, talents and skills to assist St. Louis area non profits in advancing their cause, ready+willing would like to have you join a team.

Whether you are just looking to gain exposure to a different approach to marketing, meet new industry professionals, or to get inspired by giving back to the community, you sound like you are ready+willing material. Check out Our Work to learn more about what it is we do.

Becoming a member of ready+willing requires a $50, tax-deductible donation.

Your donation helps fund project team expenses and covers r+w administrative fees, including but not limited to:

Best of all, your tax-deductible, $50 membership donation grants you access to a members-only portion of our website which, as we grow, will house exclusive ready+willing information regarding events and more. Join today, help support our cause and receive exclusive benefits of ready+willing membership!

Please note, if you are paying with a guest payment rather than with your PayPal account, please click on "Return to Ready & Willing, Inc." after completing your payment to complete your registration.

 Leadership Roles

The currently open board of director positions are:


There are a number of leadership positions withing ready+willing both on the board of directors and on committees. Below is an overview of the board of directors as well as specific job requirements/responsibilities for each position.

The principal responsibility of the ready+willing Board of Directors is three-fold:

  1. To give the organization direction, establishing its vision, mission and values.
  2. To provide oversight, especially in financial matters, to ensure accountability.
  3. To ensure the organization has the resources it needs to do its work.


The Board of Directors are expected to participate in ready+willing by way of:





NOTE: Current descriptions are based on the absence of an Executive Director and/or supporting staff. The Executive Board of Directors to review titles, roles and descriptions and recommend updates or changes as the needs of the organization change.

We are a working board for an all volunteer organization - there are no paid staff positions at this time.

VP – Membership (Executive Board Position)
Role Responsibilities:

Candidate Requirements:

Director of Events (reports to VP – Administration)
Role Responsibilities:

Candidate Requirements:

VP – Communications (Executive Board Position)
Role Responsibilities:

Candidate Requirements:

additional information on the VP of Communications is available upon request

Director of Marketing (reports to VP – Communications)
Role Responsibilities:

Candidate Requirements:

Director of Projects (reports to VP – President Elect)
Role Responsibilities:

Candidate Requirements:

Director of Mentor Recruitment (reports to VP – Membership)
Role Responsibilities:

Candidate Requirements:

Project Coordinator (not a board position, but vital to the Projects Program)
Role Responsibilities:

Candidate Requirements:

Committees are lead by the Executive Board members and filled with r+w members. In order to participate on a committee, the individual must first be a paid member.

If interested in any of our leadership positions, please contact our current president, Sarah Waters, at sarah.waters@readyandwilling.org

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