Michelle Schuler

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Michelle Schuler is one of ready+willing’s Projects Directors, and uses her past experience as a r+w project team member for Forest ReLeaf of Missouri to help ensure that all new projects run smoothly and on course.

Michelle fell into this business when she was trying to decide if she wanted to go to grad school for architecture; thus, she took an internship at an architecture firm doing their marketing while she was getting her BFA in graphic design. She never made it to grad school… and the rest is history. Currently, Michelle is a Graphic Designer at Creative Producers Group, and prior to that she was an Art Director at McGowan Crain. Michelle also started in the field as a Visual and Dimensional Design intern at Switch.

Being a young professional, Michelle originally joined ready+willing because she was looking for a way to get more one-on-one time with seasoned professionals. She has also worked for Ronald McDonald House Charities and wanted to continue giving back to the community.

It’s hard for Michelle to choose just one cause that she leans towards, because she seems to fall in love with any good-willed charity when you can see how much people appreciate the help. The passion and dreams people express when explaining their cause has always been very contagious to her.

If you are interested in joining a ready+willing project, or have a question about a current project please contact Michelle for information!