Reed Hale

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As ready+willing's VP-President Elect, Reed Hale is the second in command to the President on the executive board of directors.

Reed majored in journalism in college and has been involved in media sales and management for over 20 years. Currently with Mid-America Outdoor, Reed is the Sales Manager for the full service out-of-home advertising company, providing static and digital bulletin coverage throughout the region.

He became interested in ready+willing via Linkedin and thought it would be personally enriching to become involved. Causes that are near and dear to Reed’s heart include organizations and ideas that expand our collective humanity. He believes it is easy to become detached from society, even when it’s as interconnected as it’s ever been, and he says there is great personal reward in helping people that need it.

Outside of work and social causes, Reed follows professional sports, participates in golf & hockey and homebrews with his oldest son. In fact, Reed is actually a commercially trained brewer and has interned with Six Row Brewing Company in St. Louis.

Reed oversees many things, including our projects process and project directors. If you are interested in getting involved with ready+willing at any level of the project process, as a non-profit client or r+w member, please contact Reed.