Sarah Waters

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Sarah Waters is the President & Co-Founder of ready+willing. She, along with her co-founder Kendra, had a vision to build a nonprofit that helps other nonprofits while providing marketing & advertising professionals opportunities to develop their skills. Learning from other professionals, giving of your talents, and making St. Louis better - it's a win-win-win, according to Sarah.

Sarah was set on being in this industry early on, when her high school art teacher had an art and design college present to them she realized that design is everywhere. From that moment on she knew she wanted to be a designer - someone that brings beauty to the world and does so with practical application.

Currently, she is the Creative Services Manager at Captiva Marketing. Prior to Captiva, Sarah spent nine years working as an Art Director & Project Manager at Snap Creative and began her career as a Designer at AKA Design.

Sarah is particularly fond of animal welfare, arts & culture, and education focused causes; as an active member of the creative industry she has served on the Ad Club of St. Louis board of directors and spent over two years as co-chair of REBUS.

Sarah has a wealth of information regarding ready+willing, from its roots to its day-to-day operations, so feel free to contact her with such inquiries!